January 30, 2016

Dear Chapter Members & Friends:

The NJAWI Board of Directors welcomes you to another great year of upcoming events for NJAWI. As always at this time of the year, our Chapter starts its Membership Drive for 2016. We are looking forward to some great programs and benefits for our Members in 2016, and open this opportunity to all our valued Current and Prospective Members.

I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone, that a Chapter is only as strong as its Membership, and can do meaningful things when empowered, and funded, by its Members. Our dues structure is meager in relation to most other costs to our businesses, but it helps the Chapter do so much. All members will get a place on our website, NJAWI.org, with a link to your website and/or email (as is your preference). If you are "fiscally challenged", as the politically correct might say, we have our Affiliate Member classification @ $50, that is perfect for individuals, or anyone that wants to support the Chapter, but cannot be a Member or Supplier Member . So please consider joining, or renewing today, and Help your Chapter do great things in 2016.

We have attached our information/ application form for new or updated Memberships, to help us update our records, & ensure that we can connect with you, and so you can share all the opportunities that will unfold in our Chapter this year. If any of your information is new or changed, please complete as much of the form as is applicable, and return to Dan Smith (DSmith@AMCMillwork.com).

We have planned many great events for 2016, that I am sure that every member, will not want to miss a single outing. Some of these are:

As you can see we have an event packed six months, and there are more goodies to follow. Help us make this year one to remember, as our Chapter will keep us all up to date with industry trends, national events, networking, and comradely throughout 2016.

Our Membership Categories and dues are:

  1. Affiliate members (individuals): Dues $50 per Year. Any person who wishes to support the objectives of the AWI and do not qualify as a manufacturing or supplier member, may be accepted as an affiliate member.

  1. MANUFACTURI NG MEM BERS: Dues $200 per Year.Manufacturing Members, also known as active members of this Chapter, shall be those members in good standing of the National Architectural Woodwork Institute, who operate a woodwork manufacturing business, in the area served by this chapter, and who shall have applied for, and been accepted into, membership in this Chapter, and as a national member of AWI.

  1. SUPPLI ER MEMBERS: Dues $200 per Year Also known as associate members, is any person, firm or corporation, who is a supplier to the architectural woodwork industry, and who has an interest in furthering the greater use of architectural woodwork, may be eligible to be an Associate Member. Trade associations having interests in common with the architectural woodwork industry, and who desire to participate in furthering the goals of the Chapter may be eligible as an Associate Member. The associate members present, as a group, shall have a one vote on any issue that comes up for a vote during a regular or special meeting. The associate members present at that meeting shall choose a spokesperson for that purpose.

Thank you for your consideration and support of NJAWI this year, and we look forward to see you at

upcoming events.


George Reitz,

President, NJ Chapter of AWI