Over Community

We stand as one body, and set forth our Code of Ethics. We hereby pledge to:

  • Conduct our business at the highest level of ethics and integrity, treating all other firms fairly, and with the spirit of cooperation, thereby "treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves".

  • Refrain from direct solicitation of a competitor's employees, where by his business would suffer from the loss of that employee.

  • Refrain from using substandard workmanship or material that could be detrimental to our collective professional reputations, or the reputation of the woodworking industry as a whole.

  • Promote the image of the industry as a progressive, innovative, responsible, participant of our enlightened society.

  • All our members hereby agree to honor and abide by the following Pledge of Ethics:

  • "We believe in the Architectural Woodwork Industry, and in its future, and believe in our benevolent association of producers of quality architectural woodwork".

  • "We pledge our full support, and those of our organizations, to the Architectural Woodwork Institute, and to this industry, to abide by, and produce our products, in accordance with the requirements of the latest edition of the AWI Standards and Guide Specifications, asso specified".

  • "We pledge to REFRAIN from the dissemination of any malicious information concerning our association and/or its members".

  • "We pledge to conduct our selves, a tall times, in a manner which will reflect positive attention & credit on our industry, our Association, and its members, and to conduct our business in such a way as to achieve good-will for our industry".

  • "We pledge to support our Institute, its policies, programs and principles, and to abide by its Bylaws within this Pledge of Ethics".