By Joining NJAWI you are receiving members benefits that are available only to NJAWI members. Benefits include free webpage on NJAWI site and discounted prices for your personal company web design and hosting. Also you will have access to Members Only area, where you can download free forms and other files and participate in members forums.

You will benefit by networking and sharing knowledge with other Members.

To become NJAWI member, you need to be professional woodworker or other profession affiliated with Architectural Woodworking.

Usually it 48 hours from the date your payment is received.

Membership fee for all types of membership is $200 except for students. Student membership is free.

No, you don't have to, but is is very good idea to attend all the meetings. You can miss very important updates and business opportunities by not attending the regular meetings.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime. However, membership fees may not be refunded to you.

There are Four types of Membership: Manufacturing, Suppliers, Affiliates and Students.

Yes, student can become a Member, but must present student ID or another proof.

No, Hobbyist can not become a Member. NJAWI is professional organization designed to unite only Professionals and Businessmen.

Your membership is valid for one year. We will bill you upon expiration date. If you dues are not paid, your Membership will be canceled.

No, you can not transfer your Membership.

You can contact another member by locating member's contact information in member directories.

Yes, if you are Supplier, Affiliate or Student member. In order to become Manufacturing member you first should sign up for National AWI membership.

Yes, participating Members are providing discounted services exclusively for NJAWI members.

Yes, you will receive membership card when your Membership is approved.

Yes, you will receive free webpage on We can also customize it for you if you supply photos and article.

Yes, if you request, you will receive one email address based on domain name.

Every month, we are featuring our member's businesses on the top of the home page. By end of the calendar year will will conduct web-vote and determine who is the #1 business of the year.

Right now, this area of our website is under development. We plan to launch standard's page by end of this year.